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2013 – 2014 Leadership Team (so far)

Arian Khader
Arian is a second year law student at Queen’s who is interested in privacy law. His joint specialist undergraduate degree in history and political science allowed him the opportunity to follow the developments in the legal debate on technology in the last half decade. When he is not in school, Arian is also a national level paddler who has competed and medaled at the World Championships three times. Arian also coaches a national level swim team.

David Frank,
David is in his third year law at Queen’s, focusing on intellectual property, green energy, and legal technology

Ivan Merrow
The founder of LFTI, Ivan is currently completing the MBA component of his joint JD/MBA program.  He started LFTI to help young lawyers take advantage of the opportunities that technology presents the legal profession, and to ensure Canadians stay competitive in an increasingly global legal services market. During his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, Ivan worked for businesses in aerospace/defense, software development, consulting and financial services.  Outside of work you can find him on the squash court or researching leadership theory for his first book.
IvanMerrow.com | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter @CanadianLawGuy

Nikolas Sopow
Nikolas is in his third year of law at Queen’s, and will be leading the Increasing Classroom Engagement Project. He has a B.A. in political science from the University of Victoria, where he also coordinated for a refugee program funded by the university. Before law school, Nik worked in infrastructure for Hewlett Packard.
NikolasSopow.com | LinkedIn Profile

Michael Owsiany
Michael is in his second year of law at Queen’s, and is our new Gadget Blogger.