Open Letter to Future Managing Partners: Join LFTI

Dear future managing partners, premiers, CEO’s, chief legal counsel, and professionals:

This message is for you.

Next year you want to make a difference, but you know it won’t happen as VP Something.  You want to replace words on your résumé like “helped” and “assisted” with the words “created” and “led.”

You know that in today’s legal environment, it’s not enough to be great at legal analysis.  Top firm leaders need to know how to develop business, create strategy, lead others, and embody professional excellence.

Managing Partner at Law Firm

Above all you’d like to become a better mentor, presenter, researcher, leader, and advocate, but it’s hard to find an opportunity that features them all.  You know that learning out of a casebook will only take you so far.

Instead, why not lead your own initiative?  Why not work on something you care about next year, and become a stronger leader doing it?  You’re too valuable to run a bake sale.  You’re a future boss.  If that’s true, LFTI is the experience you’re looking for.

What Does LFTI Offer You?

  • Leadership experience like no other in the North American legal environment
  • Work on any project of your choice for a semester or a year
  • Make your own title
  • Build relationships with lawyers, professors, activists, entrepreneurs, or executives across Canada
  • Focus on professionalism, creativity, and excellence
  • Access ideas, funding, and support from a motivated team of change makers
  • Practice the highest levels of project management, effective communication, organization, teamwork, and leadership
  • Get helpful feedback, and develop your professional skill set

What is LFTI All About?

  • Discovering new ways to learn and practice the law
  • Taking action to adapt to the changing legal environment in North America
  • Meeting the challenges of a new era of legal service: limited resources, stagnant fees, and a steady demand for justice

If you could work on any project for a year, what would it be?

  • Would you improve access to justice in Canada, America, in your home town, or abroad?
  • Would you solve the equity problems in the legal profession, the gender pay gap, and the minority hiring disparity?
  • Would you start a research group dedicated to improving classroom engagement in law classrooms?
  • Would you build you law school into Canada’s #1, double hiring rates, and transform legal education forever?

If this opportunity interests you, LFTI will be accepting applications for 2013-2014 executives until Friday, March 29, 2013.  Application details are under “Join Us” on our website.

Look forward to meeting you,



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