End of Year Reflection

December 2012 marks the end of LFTI’s first four months at Queen’s University.  Exams are over, and that makes it a good time to reflect on what our team accomplished in 2012.

sunset by the mirror by marcusrg on flickr

The greatest thing that happened to us this year was assembling the best team of volunteer executives we could have hoped for.  Nik Sopow and I were proud to select such a capable and diverse team to lead LFTI initiatives this year.  We started the term with a team of two, and ended with six.  Arian Khader, Brandon Mattalo, David Frank, and Rachel Levitsky have all made great contributions to our organization and the greater Queen’s community.

In particular, Rachel organized LFTI’s first collaborative event with Canadian Lawyers Abroad (CLA), which involved a partnership agreement, fee sharing arrangement and marketing plan to benefit both of our club member lists.  Both clubs pitched in to make the event a success, which involved coordinating over $2,000 of audio-visual and gaming equipment to celebrate the launch of two new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles.  We look forward to working with CLA again next term and building partnerships with other organizations on campus.

Our executives have also made considerable progress on events about to be launched next term.  David and I secured funding, speakers and a location for “Technology on the Legal Frontier,” a live web-cast on January 21st about the way technology is impacting the legal profession .  Nik is preparing resources for law faculty who are interested in creating slide presentations that students can interact with outside of class. Our other executives are steadily working to deliver their own projects in the coming months.

Next year LFTI will have to face the same challenges as every other student organization.  Our volunteers and fellow classmates have to juggle their participation with academics and other commitments.  During the peak of next semester’s activity we will have to plan for a transition in leadership roles as we look ahead to next September.  In addition, our team is under pressure to secure employment in an increasingly tight legal job market.  All of these factors make it critical for LFTI to offer enriching opportunities that motivate us and grow our professional skills.  That means we have to encourage our team to stay balanced, take risks, and support one another when we are facing tough deadlines.

I have no doubt LFTI will continue to thrive in 2013.  Our club is off to a great start, and there are more good things to come.

– Ivan


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