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After a brief scan of the blogosphere, LFTI has posted some of the web’s most popular legal tech websites in our big list on the right.  Curious about legal technologies like e-discovery and automated document assembly?  Check out Fronterion LLC‘s news updates on Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), or Michael Arkfeld’s Digital Practice of Law.  If you’re curious about a lawyer’s perspective on the latest consumer gadgets like phones and tablets, FutureLawyer is a better call.

Elegant Technology Samsung III phone

What about the future of the legal profession?  We highly recommend the Canadian blog Law21 by Jordan Furlong, who focuses on the need for lawyers to adapt to a changing economic environment.

For tips on living a better life in your practice as lawyer, the Legal Ease Blog has tips and commentary you might find useful.  Lawyer Satisfaction also has discussion directed at students about to enter the legal profession.  If this is a topic you’re interested in, LFTI also recommends The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law ( for a more in-depth read.

Still not satisfied?  If you want to know absolutely everything about legal updates in Canada, we recommend you build your own list from Canadian Law Blogs — the ultimate source for law blogs with a domestic flair.  LawIsCool also has a comprehensive list of law blogs on substantive areas of the law to keep you up to date.

Every new idea is an opportunity to innovate.  Have fun reading everything the web has to offer.

LFTI Founder


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