LFTI Announces Club Mandate

Law Students for Technology and Innovation (LFTI) announced the creation of its organizational mandate today.  It is set out in full on the “About Us” section of the LFTI website, and is repeated in part here:

Law Students for Technology and Innovation (LFTI) is dedicated to the rapid advancement of client service in the legal field.

Our belief is that people facing legal issues deserve timely, accurate, and professional legal advice, and that technological advances can help deliver those services in a cost-effective manner.

Our vision is for Canada to become a world-leader in the provision of legal services on a level playing-field.  We see technology, human creativity, and legislative will combining to limit the negative influence that income and geography can have on clients’ ability to have justice done in the court of law.

Our plan is to start by inspiring Canada’s newest entrants to the legal profession — law students — to think about how they can offer legal services better.  We will help dispel the concerns surrounding legal technology, so that tomorrow’s legal professionals embrace new tools and processes to achieve their clients’ goals.

It is going to be an exciting year for LFTI as it continues to attract members and executive leaders.  The vision for Canada’s future will take more than one group of dedicated students operating in Kingston, Ontario but it is a good start. The full mandate will be enshrined in the club’s constitution after it is ratified by the club’s executive core during the first annual meeting.

More great things to come soon.

LFTI Founder
Queen’s Law ’15, MBA ’14


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